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    Chinese translation of the Olympic Games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Olympics
      Racing RACE
      Skating Skating

      aquatics (water sports)
      swimming swim
      freestyle freedom swimming
      Butterfly butterfly swimming nindivial media mixed swim nmedley related swimming relay
      Water POLO water ball
      diving diving
      10m platform event ten meters
      3m event three -meter japlet
      diving from 10 m plotform dual ten meters r r
      DIVING FROM 3 M double -meter three -meter japlet
      Swimming Swimming

      archery Athletics)
      track diameter
      100 m, 200 m 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters
      800 m, 1,500 m, 5,000 m, 10,000 m 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5,000 meters, 10,000 10,000 Mi
      110 m hurdles, 400 m hurdles 110 meters, 400 meters column
      3,000 m 3,000 meters
      4 x 100 m related, 4 x 400 m related 4 × 100 meters relay, 4 × 400 meters relay
      jumping jump
      high jump high
      pole vault rod jumping
      long jump long jump
      triple jump three -level long jump nthrowing push shot shotter NDISCUS iron cake
      hammer throwing the chain ball
      javelin javelin
      DECATHLON men's ten all -around
      women seven all -around
      road events highway competition
      marathon marathon
      WALK walking
      ball games
      badminton badminton
      ames singles Men's singles
      womens singles
      ames dough doubles 女子双打rnmixed doubles 混合双打rnBaseball 棒球rn 篮球rnFootball 足球rnHandball 手球rnHockey / Field Hockey 曲棍球rnSoftball 垒球rnTable Tennis 乒乓球
      tennis tennis

      Beach beach volleyball

      cycling (bicycle)
      road cycling highway bicycle
      track cycling bicycle
      sprint chase rntime trial 计时赛rnpoints race 计分赛rnpursuit 争先赛rnMountain bike 山地自行车赛rn================== =========
      Olympic Games

      n Olympic song Olympic Anthem

      Olympic torch


      Olympic village n
      Organizing Committee COMMITTEEE

      Open Open Ceremony

    2. Beijing Olympic Project
      Over the English order

      aquatics -diving swimming -diving
      aquateics -swimming swimming
      aquateics -swimming swimming
      aquatics -water polo Swimming -water ball
      archery archery
      athletics track and field
      badminton badminton
      baseball baseball n basketball
      canoe/kayak -Flatwater kayak
      canoe /Kayak -SLALOM Kayak -Quick
      cyCling -ROAD Bicycle -Highway
      cyCling -Mountain Bike Bicycles -Mountains
      cyCling -Track Bicycles
      cyCling -BMX Bicycles R R R R R R R
      -dressage equestrian -dance step
      -jumping equestrian -obstacle n -eventing equestrian -three races
      FENCING fencing
      n -rhythmic gymnastics -art gymnastics
      handball handball
      hockey hockey
      judo judo
      modern Modern five items
      rowing rowing nsailing sailboat r r r r r r r r r r r r r
      Shooting shooting
      softball baseball
      table tennis table tennis
      taekwondo taekwondo ntennis tennis ntriathlon Item
      R N Weightlifting
      wrestling -FreeStyle Wrestling -Freedom
      WRESTLING -GRCO ROMAN Wrestling- Classical

    3. Olympic Games

      Olympic trial

      The International Olympic Commission Olympic Committee

      Olympic theme song Olympic theme Song

      Olympic torch


      Olympic village n
      Organizing Committee COMMITTEEE

      Open Open Ceremony

      acrobartic --- skill sports


    4. In 2008, a normal number, but when it comes to it, how many Chinese people will be boiling! How can a number have such great magic? The answer is simple and sacred. In this year, Beijing will host the 29th Olympic Games. At that time, the world's eyes will gather in Beijing, and Beijing will also show her most beautiful style as the owner! rnrn2008, but a more general figures, however, a reference to it, how much will the Chinese people blood boiling! There will be a figure how such a large magic » The answer is simple and sacred, in the year, Beijing will hold the 29th session of the Olympic Games, then, the worlds attention will gather in Beijing, and Beijing, will also be the identity of the owner, show her the most beautiful charisma! rnr N2008, the Olympic Games in Beijing will be a green Olympic Games, the Olympic Games, and the Humanities Olympic. Among them, the "Green Olympic Games" is one of the three most important ideas. This fully shows our determination and confidence in the environmental protection Olympic Games! However, to achieve this goal, the road we want to go is still very difficult. rnrn2008, the Beijing Olympic Games will be a green Olympics, the Olympic , Olympics. Among them, "Green Olympics" are the three most important concepts of. This has fully we want to host the Olympic Games of The and! However, to the achieve this goal, we have a very differently. Essence Our in every hand, one shot, will have an impact on the city's environment. Therefore, we have to start from me, start with we, start with small things, and strive to add glory to Beijing. So, how can we start with small things? rnrn think that as a secondary school students , we have more and more active ty into action. We have a show of hands, a Touzu, will be brought to the city impact. Therefore, we must start with Me, Starting from the Side, from Small Start, and Add Luster to Win Glory for Beijing. So, How Can We Start from the Trivial?
      n n In recent years, sand dust has been violently in Beijing, and everyone must have experienced it. Excessive grazing and cutting forests make the land desertified. Although we are unable to make all degenerate land re -become an oasis, at least we can plant trees in our school and plant trees in our community. If everyone can act, Beijing will become a green Beijing Beijing. 2008 will become a green Olympic Games. rnrnIn fact, we can do in life there are many. Beijing st storms wreaked havoc in recent years, we have some . and of land , although all of our inability to again become the oasis of degraded land, But at least we can in our school time, planting time in our area, if everything can take action, beijing will be grand, bepic games will be. Take off

    5. 2008 Summer Olympic Games 2008 Summer Olympics

      The Olympic Committee (IOC)

      The bidding cities

      The bid for 2008 Olympics
      n n Beijing Olympic Games Bidding Committee (bobico)
      n The 2008 Olympic Games

      The Olympic Ideals; The Olympic Spirit R
      The Fourty Ring Road in BEIJING

      The city

      The final voting Make The Final Vote
      R r r
      The Green Olympics

      The Games

      The waste battery USED Batteries



      The long-distance running A Long-Distance Running


      is full of practical, take a look!

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