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    How do you say the English of the Olympic Games?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Aquatics Water Sports

      Swimming Swimming

      FreeStyle Free Swimming

      Butterfly Swimming

      Indivial Medley Personal Mixed Swimming

      FreeStyle Relay Free Swimming

      Medley Relay Mixed Swimming

      Water Polo Water Goller

      Diving diving

      10m platform event ten meters

      3m event three -meter japlet
      n diving from 10 m plotform Double ten -meter jumping platform

      diving from 3 m double three -meter springboard
      n swimming Fantasy swimming
      n archery archery
      n seDivial Events Personal Game

      Team events group competition

      Athletics track and field

      track trails
      n 100 m, 200 m, 400, 400 M 100m, 200 meters, 400 meters

      800 m, 1,500 m, 5,000 m, 10,000 m 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5,000 meters, 10,000 meters

      110 m hurdles, 400 m huhdles 110 meters, 400 meters column

      3,000 m 3000 meters

      4 x 100 m related , 4 x 400 m related, 4 × 400 meters relay

      jumping jump

      High jump high

      R n
      long jump jumping

      triple jump three -level long jump

      Throwing throw

      shot put push shot
      n n R N DISCUS ironing cake

      HAMMER throwing the chain ball
      n javelin javelin
      n decatelon men's ten items Almighty

      Women's seven all -around

      Road Events Highway

      Marathon Marathon
      n Walk R N Cross-Country Running

      Ball Games Sports

      Badminton badminton

      men's singles

      Women's Singles women's singles

      men's doubles men's doubles

      for women's doubles

      mixed double Baseball baseball


      football football

      handball handball

      hockey / field hockey hockey

      Softball Barball

      table tennis table tennis

      tennis tennis
      n beach beach volleyball n n
      Cycling bicycles

      Road cycling highway bicycle race

      track cycling venue bicycle race

      n time trial chronograph

      Points race score

      Pursuit compete for the first

      mountain bikes

      Jumping obstacle

      Riding equestrian

      dressage dance steps

      eventing three -day race
      n feenting fencing n
      FOIL Flower Sword

      Epee Heavy Sword

      Sabre Sword

      R n
      Floor Exercises Free Gymnastics

      pommel Horse saddling horse

      n vau LT jump horse

      Parallel bars two bars

      Bar horizontal bars

      UNEven Bars high bars
      n balance beam R n Rhythmic gymnastics


      sailing sailing

      men / woMen -Mistral One Design men n
      Single-handed dinghy wigen-Europe women's sailboat European-class
      n Single-handed dinghy men -Laser laser level

      double -handed dinghy men / WOMEN -470 men / women's sailboat 470 preliminaries
      n double -handed dinghy
      MultiHull Open -Tornado Tornado

      Keelboat men -Star Men's Star -level
      N Keelboat Women Shooting

      10 m Air Rifle 10m gas rifle

      10 m Air Pistol 10m gas pistol
      n men's 10 m running tar Target

      men's 50 m rifle prone pose. M PISTOL Men's 50m pistol

      WOMEN's 25 M Pistol Women's 25m pistol
      n men's 25 m rapid Fire Pistol Multi -directional flying saucer

      double trap dual multi -directional flying saucer
      n SKEET two -way flying saucer

      Triathlon Trinity

      swimming swim

      cycling bicycle

      running runs
      n weight weight n


      Clean and Jerk raised

      Wrestling wrestling
      n Free Style Free Wrestling

      rowing rowing

      boxing boxing

      canoeing kayak
      n n
      taekwondo taekwondo

      Modern modern five items

      feencing fencing

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