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    How to write the planning book of an online game company?


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      Once, online games are bumpy and difficult to start a business;

      Today, the online game market is vast and brilliant.

      During this wind and surge, how many online games have been undulating and how many game companies have become defeated.

      Is to remember the past years, how can you not make people feel miserable and have been speechless.

      So we wrote this text to review the predecessors who had paid for the Chinese online game industry

      It the works that contributed in the history of online games.回顾网游历史上一个个里程碑般的事件......rnrn  或许我们记叙的并不完整,或许我们还有很多错误,或许我们不是第一个,但是我们都将Summarize.

      because history is not manifested, just for commemoration.

      1969——1977 Plato Pangu Kaishi, ArpAnet chaos in the future

      The exchanges and entertainment are human nature. At the beginning of the production, online games have begun to brew. These small prototypes, like the fire of the stars, breed infinite future .....

      The origin of online games can be traced back to 1969 At the time, Rick Bromi wrote a game called "SpaceWar" for Plato (Logic for Automatic Teaching). "Space Wars" is a blueprint. The difference is that it supports the remote connection between the two.

      This systems quickly appeared on this system, and the number of online people at the same time increased significantly. In 1972, the number of online people at the same time of Plato reached more than 1,000. Plato became a hotbed for early network connection games.

      Plato did not receive its due honor and status in the game circle, but this does not erase its contribution to the online game and the entire game industry. Many games on Plato will be adapted for game consoles and PC games in the future. For example, the author of "Airfight" has developed "Flight Simulator" on the basis of the original game. The game was acquired by Microsoft and renamed "Microsoft Flight Simulation", which became the best -selling series in flight simulation games. The "Empire" launched in 1974 is the first game that allows 32 people to be online at the same time. This online game mode becomes a standard mode for modern instant strategy games. "Outliette" released in 1975 is a dungeon game. The well -known role -playing game "Wizardry" series originated from this.

      It interesting is that in 1969, it was the year of Arpnet (Advance Research Projects Agency Network). Everyone knows that ArpaNet is the world's first package exchange network developed by the Ministry of Defense's senior research plan. Its success directly contributes to the birth of the Internet and the transmission control protocol (ie, TCP/IP).

      The technical standards of the computer hardware and software at that time were different, so the platform, operating system and language of the connection game were different. Most of them are trials, running on large -scale hosts in colleges and universities, such as MIT, University of Virginia, and University of Essex in the United Kingdom.

      The characteristics of the game at this time: 1. Non -sustainability, the relevant information of the game after the machine restarts will be lost, so it cannot simulate a world of sustainable development; 2. The game can only be on the same server/terminal/terminal. The internal execution of the machine system cannot run across the system. 3. Completely free, although the network at that time was still a complete luxury

      1978-1992 MUD flat ground winds up, the company's touch network showed business opportunities
      n At the University of Essex, Roy Truben wrote the world's first MUD game- "MUD1" with DEC-10. This is a pure text multiplayer. With 10 instructions, users can interact with human -computer interactions through the database, or communicate with other players through chat systems.

      MUD1 is the first real real -time multi -person interactive online game, which can ensure the sustainable development of the entire virtual world. Although this system restarts several times a day, the scenes, monsters and puzzles in the game remain unchanged, which allows players to play the role of sustainable development. Another important feature of MUD1 is that it can run on any PDP-10 computer around the world, not limited to the internal system of the University of Essex.

      It some professional game developers and publishers have begun to get involved in online games, such as Interplay, Sierra Online, Studios, Virgin, SSI, TSR, etc. In this emerging industry, they cooperated with operators such as Genie, Production, AOL, and other operators to launch the first batch of popular online games. At that time, the concept of "sustainability" appeared in the online game. The role played by players could continue to develop in the same world in an adult, not like the game on Plato, only to play a hurry in it; and the game can do it. Operating across the system, as long as the player has a computer and modem, and the hardware is compatible, you can connect to any online game at that time.

      The rapid expansion of the online game market has stimulated the development of the online service industry. Online games have begun to enter the era of charging. Many consumers are willing to pay high fees to play online games. From "The Island of Casem" to $ 12 per hour to Genie's $ 6 per hour, the mainstream billing method of the second -generation online game is to be charged on the hour. Although there are also special cases of monthly billing, it has not been formed to form a special case, but it has not been formed. climate.

      At the same time, with the development of the world information industry, the Chinese people gradually realized the existence of the game network gameplay. "Oriental Story" is about to produce ...

      1993 ——1997 mud pond game is trapped in the mud pond, and the Oriental Story Yao Oriental

      In fact, the "Oriental Story" in 1992 not only wrote an oriental story, but also brought a bridge of communication. After Chinese students from abroad, its source code quickly spread to Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1993, developing a variety of Chinese MUDs. At that time, all MUDs in Taiwan used English or traditional codes. The types were closer to the West. The storyline and background were mostly mythical lines. It was still very different from that in the Mainland ’s martial arts world.

      . Let's take a look at the situation of domestic network construction

      In June 1992 China began to officially discuss how to access the Internet

      1992 The Construction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASNET), the Tunet of Tsinghua University (Tune), and the PUNET network (PUNET) were initially completed.

      In June 28, 1994, Beijing University of Chemical Technology opened a trial operation line connected to the Internet.

      It 1995 NCFC network of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

      This In the second half of 1995, the Chinese Academy of Sciences began to circulate a simplified Chinese version of Taiwan MUD-New Oriental Story 2, which is the first step for MUD to enter the Mainland.

      At this time, most people in China do not know what the computer is. The lucky people who touch the net (mostly in the telecommunications department) are still using the 9600bps modem for connection.

      In such a year, MUD came. Although the development is slow, it is only spread among the pioneers of a few scientific research institutions and telecommunications departments, and has not been understood and accepted by the public.

      But in such an environment, the Chinese MUD slowly develops with the improvement of the network environment. Although the pace is slow but powerful, although it is not widely circulated, the design is complete. The ability of enthusiasts, emotional interests and entertainment power.

      ES2 was introduced to the Mainland, and countless variants appeared. The more typical ones are "Xia Ke Xing", "Journey to the West", "Feng Yun" and so on. These types of MUDs are all developed on the basis of ES2. The martial arts world structure they build is more subtle and rich, and it is easier to obtain the cultural identity of Chinese people. In the future, each generation of heaven and wizards (MUD managers) are constantly improving the MUDs that they manage, hoping to jump out of the shadow of ES2 and develop the ideal overhead world in their own minds.

      has no bottlenecks of external pictures and no commercial restraint. In terms of complex structural and realistic, MUD reached the pinnacle of online games, making it closer to an art rather than a commodity. Essence The interface is extremely unfriendly, the system is full and complicated, the world is large enough, and the practice is boring. This is destined that MUD has become the white snow of Yangchun. It is difficult for players to imagine how the players played happily at the time. I am afraid that the connotation of MUD may be difficult to appreciate today. To this day, the development trend of China's online game system is still simplified rather than to be true. In some ways, MUD has become an endpoint rather than being surpassed, which is in sharp contrast to the legendary and miracle (MU) in the future.

      Perbere people do not agree with the author's point of view, but it cannot be denied that it is these programmers and system designers who have been exposed to MUDs to the online game industry today; MUD players are on the game. The strong desire for graphic and popularization of graphics has also become the driving force and direction of the development of graphic online games in the future.

      The last thing to mention was a software ZMUD that appeared at the time. This software became graphical and automated the operation interface of MUD instructions, which greatly improved the operation of MUD and became a MUD play MUD. Essential software. But at the same time, he provided a powerful robotic function and automatic practice function was hated by the majority of wizards. It brought the earliest anti -plug -in struggle for online games. (At that time, the commonly used method was to put the robot suspect in a cell, and then you had to answer several common sense questions to go out ...)


      "Network Genesis" in 1998 is still popular abroad.

      . In 1998, MUD still silently spread in colleges and universities

      . In 1998, Chen Tianqiao was still busy at the securities company

      1998 game fans are still in For "StarCraft" and "Three Kingdoms 5",

      But 1998 is not the blank of Chinese online games, because Lianzhong comes.

      Although Lianzhong chess and card games lack the virtual world than other online games, it is similar to interactivity. As the earliest popular online game in China, Lianzhong's development of the development of the Chinese online game industry is indispensable. After all, among the successful Chinese online games, Bao Yueqiao is the first.

      In January, Bao Yueqiao, Jian Jing, and Wang Jianhua founded Lianzhong Game Network to operate online chess and card games. Seeing no popularity, lack of funds, and poor lines, who can think of the world -renowned chess and card game website will be born?

      Ba Yueqiao is worthy of admiration. His difficulties at that time were extraordinary. There were no network conditions. They moved around, from Oriental Nets to UnionPay line, and then to Beijing Information Port. The basic requirements of the line are constantly.

      Without enough players, they took turns to keep on the Lianzhong. One person opens three IDs at the same time, and one person plays three people at the same time, so as long as one netizen comes up, the game can play.

      On June 4, Lianzhong Games opened. There is no money to advertise, of course, no one knows this website, no one who comes to play. The three played their own strengths to find netizens everywhere and pulled them over to see. Some people came one after another, most of them came to see the idea of ​​"see what Bao Yueqiao did". Because the time period of everyone is different, no one can touch anyone, and the game basically can't play. Lianzhong posted a notice on the homepage: "I hope everyone will concentrate at noon. At this time, there are more people, and we are there."

      On June 18, the Oriental Nets opened on the homepage for Lianzhong. After a preview, Lianzhong's clicks exceeded 1,000 that day. It was found that this trick was used, and the three went to the BBS of many ICPs to post a lot of advertising posts.

      It to celebrate the player's "full table", Bao Yueqiao deliberately saved the webpage as a proud proof and commemoration. Later, some media began to report to Lianzhong. An obvious fact is that on the day of the report, there will be dozens of logins. Therefore, Bao Yueqiao has finished interviewing in the reporter, and he never forgets to tell reporters to write Lianzhong's URL in the report.

      On December 31, the number of people online at the same time finally exceeded 1,000. When Lianzhong started to do it, 56,000 people at Microsoft Go sites were online at the same time. More than 600 people in South Korea's IGS were online at the same time, and more than1,000 people in Taiwan were online at the same time. However, except Microsoft, other sites developed slowly.

      . In 1999, the Creation of the World Creation of the World Creation and the final report of the country

      in China in 1999, the legend of foreign UO has made domestic players feel fascinated, and domestic producers have begun In the production of Chinese online games, people have begun to talk about graphics MUD, and the coupon's chess and cards have become increasingly booming.

      . The Internet cafes of Chinese computer houses in 1999 are overcrowded. They are dark, legal and illegal, and are established like rain. The term of business one by one stimulates people's nerves and makes them feel itchy.

      in China in 1999, digitalization has become the most fashionable noun, "" has become a symbol of wealth and success, and the legend of digital heroes continues, and the myth of burning money is one after another.

      in China in 1999, I was ready, so the game came.

      The first entered the field of online game is graphics MUD. In April 1999, after upgrading and transformation of a telephone game, Ledians launched the earliest domestic graphic MUD game- "

      In Xiao Ao Jianghu adopted a very simple interface and operation method, which shows that this game is upgraded by the phone game, but at the same time, it has won a widely customer base for him. By 2000 On February 25th, Xiao Ao Jianghu had a user base of 100,000 people, and it was successful at the time. Since it is a MUD game, the Jianghu martial arts are naturally indispensable. Although there is not much difference between the martial arts, it was really excited at the time. The PK and combat system of the game were very simple and chic. Essence

      In successful, the Le Fighter quickly received 10 million investments from Haihong Group, and quickly formed the Xiao Ao Jianghu website holding company.
      On May 1, 2000, the "Xiao Ao Jianghu Member Card" was officially released. "Swordsman" began the era of charging.

      The simplification of this game on the MUD mode Avoid many issues of getting started. The advent of the times, but this game still belongs to MUD. It mainly depends on text communication, and it is far from the current popular graphic online games. It marks the end of the MUD era, and the emergence of UO declares that the emergence of UO declares that the emergence of UO announces the new era. In the coming ....

      In July 1999, the most important online game in the 1990s, "Network Genesis", came to China through third -party software vendors developing the "Sphere" simulation server. Although it is impossible to appreciate the charm of the official server, UO's name still makes people who have long been yearning for a long time. They download UO clients enthusiastically and use 3.6K kittens to work hard to the 600m UO world. Although the upper limit of the stability is not compared with the regular server of Origin, although there is a sudden occurrence, although the system is commonplace as a machine, and even many Sever have players' data to be cleared. But to apply the player at the time, "We can play UO, which is enough."

      is indeed, the charm of UO is worthy of persistence, wonderful guild system, free and rich play, huge huge The world framework may not be able to surpass today's online games. The virtual social life has been circulating on the Internet on the Internet. The four -grid comics made of UO screenshots have laughed more than once. To this day, we can still see someone playing UO in the Internet cafe. Their cheers and smiles on their faces are not less than players playing other games.

      Then UO also exposed some problems. After all, the free server set up by privately set up is not professional enough, the quality of GM is also difficult to guarantee, killing innocence, and the situation of pension and personality. This problem is always difficult to solve. On the other hand, the struggle between PPK and PK is becoming increasingly serious, and "killing" or "not kill". Always confused players. In fact, until today, "private server" and "public service", "PK direction" and "non -PK direction", GM quality is still hot topics of each online game.

      . The 99th year can be said to be a new era of online games in China. Graphic online games have finally arrived. Although it has not yet been popular, people who play it are also very limited, but after all Star fire opened the figure era.

      The 20 -year -old king, Three Kingdoms and Shuangli, the dark Korean flow away Maicheng

      The old games in the middle of 2000 are developing, and the new glory has yet come to

      The market in 2000 has been noticed by manufacturers, but the charging mode is exploring

      The network conditions in 2000 have basically met, national policies and attitudes are not clear

      In 2000, the research and development of online games in China is not mature. South Korea's online games have watched

      in 2000 are the transition era formed by the market.

      In August 1999, Wu Xisang wrote a plan for the online game of "World" with his friend Liang Yuyu, and was responsible for finding and implementing funds. In December, he convinced the entrepreneurial partner Chen Zhongwen to invest together. In January 2000, Tianxia Technology Company was established. Half a year later, Tianxia developed the first open online game engine in China, and used the engine to produce an online game "World" with ancient martial arts background. As soon as this game was launched, it attracted a lot of online game fans. In just a few months, users reached hundreds of thousands of people, and online players also reached thousands of people. But unfortunately, for various reasons, the predecessor of the online game failed to develop.

      Lianzhong has started charging. At this time, Lianzhong is not the same as before. The number of registered people is 700,000. At the same time, 9,000 people are online. The method of expenses is also that the water is successful, but the method of charging this function is common in many websites. It has not become a general standard for online games. What really produces extraordinary guidance for online games is KOK — "King of the King of Wan" r r r r

      The original shape of "King of the King" is a very famous text MUD in Taiwan. After graphical, it officially pushed into the market in Taiwan and started commercial operations, and achieved good results. At that time, the mainland online game market was completely in a blank stage. There was no officially operated graphic online game. The only most famous online game UO in the world existed in the form of an unofficial server in mainland China. It can be said that this at that time The virgin land contains huge development prospects, and Huacai Software bravely took this step with Lei's "King of the King".

      I. As the pioneer of the industry, the biggest contribution of "King of the King" is to provide the prototype of online game operations, providing free game program clients, although the service charging model has been adopted abroad, However, in China, "King of Wan" is indeed the first. At that time, the big media exclaimed that the brand -new operating model will clear the pirated clouds that have been shrouded in the game industry in one fell swoop, bringing unlimited vitality and vitality to the game industry and bringing the game industry. hope. They said it was wrong. Starting from "King of Wan", almost all games were used in this model. It was not until recently that the trial of virtual items charged broke through the rules of "King of the King".

      "King of the King" is undoubtedly a very good game. Its city -state system and professional system are extremely rich, and the pets and riding systems are still one of the hot spots of online games. Emphasizing teamwork and emphasis on freedom and construction, and the future "Magic Sword" can be described as in the same vein. In fact, the union of "King of the King" will also be active in "Magic Sword" in the future. Compared with the excessive commercialization of Korean games in the future, "King of the King" has been better unified between commercialization and gaming.

      In the players at the time obviously could not adapt to the charging method in the game process. After the "King of the King" was charged, the relevant discussion will soon develop among the players. Some players think that this charging method is It is difficult to accept, because the concept of "Internet = free" is still popular, and buying software should be a traditional way to pay and use it for life. And players who agree with this method of charge undoubtedly see more: Since playing online games on the company's server, it is necessary to pay sustainable fees to the server service provided by the company. Essence This is in line with the concept of "online game operation = entertainment service".

      . Although the charging method of "King of the King" was finally understood and approved by most players, the total number of players at that time was still limited, and the channels for payment purchase cards were also difficult during the construction period. Players It is difficult to buy Wanwang's point card and monthly card in time, which greatly limits the promotion of "King of Wan", which is also an important reason why such an excellent game affects limited influence at that time. These problems will be encountered almost all online games in the future, and it is not perfect until the heyday of the online game.

      "Thousands of Kings" two months later, Taiwan Zhiguan also followed closely, bringing "Three Kingdoms" into the market. Because of the cultural background of "King of Wan", many Chinese players do not agree. The complex systems and operation methods are difficult to get above. In addition, the requirements for the network are relatively high. The approachable "Network III" quickly absorbed many players and won a lot of praise.

      The Korean online game "The Light of Darkness" represented by Uchiketong's agent at the same time, but because the quality of the game itself is not high, and the popularity of Korean games at that time is still very low, (only the stand -alone game "West Wind Madness "Poetry" let Chinese players know that Koreans still play games) Players do not have a cold to Han Li, and the game quickly silent.

      . The online game of 2000 was full of exploration of business models. Taiwan companies became the main body to support the sky for online games. The dim performance will not be too long, and the glorious period is coming.

      The thousand -year -old red moon in 2001, the Stone Age Warring States Period

      In 2001, online games can make money and have passed the pioneer test to become an indisputable fact. The online giant is in a desperate situation. The once -hot online stocks have become garbage. The little profit of online games has become a life -saving straw. For the online industry in the bubble crushing period, online games become heroes, hope and future. Quite a huge funds began to invest in the online game industry, hoping to find the future for the entire online industry.

      The first coming to China is the Japanese game "Stone Age" introduced by Beijing Huayi.

      The previous online games have always been complained that it is too heavy and complicated, and the Stone Age as the first Q version of the online game in China is like a fresh wind blowing into the Mainland. Qi refreshing, interesting and lovely characters, the simple story background of ancient times, and the easy and bloody PK method, attracting a large number of new players to try. For a time, "Stone Age" and "Three Kingdoms of the Internet" formed a situation of two male ties. Essence

      The online game market in China is so large that it can almost attract non -players' online games to succeed. A large number of GGMMs who just surfed the Internet at that time loved the "Stone Age". Soon the number of online people in "Stone Age" exceeded the 60,000 mark, far exceeding the "Three Kingdoms of the Internet", and "Stone" became synonymous with online games at that time. On February 27, 2001, Beijing Huayi stipulated the charging system of the game. Because this system is quite different from the original promise of Huayi, it has caused a general dissatisfaction of players in "Stone Age", but Huayi has no none of them. Reflect that the contradictions have begun to intensify, and players from various places have begun to complain to the Consumer Association. Although the Consumers Association did not deal with such problems at that time, Huayi still quickly realized the seriousness of the problem. All players registered before March 13 can get free 50 -hour game time. It can be said that the player's rights protection operation has been successful. This incident has little effect but is far -reaching, marking the awakening of players' awareness of service and the improvement of the quality of game service. In the future, such rights protection incidents will continue to occur, accompanied by the growth and movement of each operator.

      The words are divided into two ends. The tragic defeat of the Pioneer "The Light of Darkness" has not broken the dream of Korean manufacturers into China, followed by "Millennium", "Touch Iena I", "Red Moon" in turn in turn The door to impact the Chinese market.

      "Touching I" failed to succeed in the end, which proves that the casual community online game is difficult to build, and the RPG of the PK adventure can be successfully developed in China. In fact, the author believes that it is not that the leisure community does not have a market in China, but there are too many competitors on the website community, and most of them are free. Whether it is the NetEase community, the chinaren community, and the QQ community, they have their own characteristics. The desire of community exchanges does not have special competitiveness.

      The real success is "Red Moon" and "Millennium". The number of online people at the same time of 20,000 and 30,000. The characteristics of Korean games that are still unchanged to this day: intuitive, easy to get started, excellent picture, and ... PK freedom.

      . Due to the unprecedented increase in online game player groups in 2001, the original existence, but everyone's concern is also valued. The plug -in was fully developed in the "Stone Age" The spread of online games, and many domestic and foreign software studios have embarked on the road to production. At first, it may be out of interest and sense of accomplishment, but later it caught a huge commercial interest. Objectively speaking, during the promotion of the game, the plug -in providing players has provided great convenience. The development of the "Stone" and other online game player groups is indispensable. After the development period passed, when players began to turn from exploring the world to compete with each other, the external damage of the plug -in to fairness, the weakening of gaming has become so obvious that it can destroy the future of a game. As a result, in the future online games, operators have adopted an external resistance attitude, and even adopted the determination of the strong men to break their wrists to cut the "tumor". The next "Dragon" was the case.

      "Dragon" was launched by the third wave of theater Valley. With its excellent quality, the setting of European swords and magic, similar to the "Internet Genesis" system, it has been favored by a large number of old players. Become a temporary choice of online games. (Observe it carefully. It is not difficult to find that at that time, almost the online games were well -made, with their own unique characteristics, and few follow -up. In contrast, online game production is not as good as before, which is sighing. It also shows that the quality of the online game itself is not everything, and the ability of operators to provide services is very important to the success of online games.) But such games are also eroded by plug -in. The operator could not find a suitable solution, but he couldn't do anything, so he was not contrary to the world, and returned the file to almost all players. This rough behavior was like the gods of the world announced the end of the world in the virtual world. Suddenly, a stone aroused thousands of waves and stimulated the excessive behavior of players. Many players began to see the players around the PK, destroying everything they could destroy. (This behavior can also be seen when the RO server is cleared in the future.) The final result is that the plug -in is still mad and the old players leave a large number. Although "Dragon" has not fallen out of its strong quality, it will never rush to the front row in the increasingly intense online game market in the future. Looking back at this past, we admire on the one hand for the third wave of anti -plug -in determination. On the other hand, we also learned lessons. In the future, online game service providers dare not return to the files easily. Solution of plug -in.

      In the industry in 2001, the market has expanded, and a large number of non -players enter the field of online games. Manufacturers start to worry about whether someone is playing. The production and mode of the game are gradually mature. Focus is concentrated in the operation methods and services. At this time, the problem of hardware still plagues the operators and players of online games, and the situation of the card machine is still generally existed.

      In 2001, the research and development of online games in the Mainland is quietly carried out. Netease, which has been struggling to find a profit model, began the research and development of "Journey to the West". Breeding.

      At the end of 2001, an unknown small company began to test an unknown online game in mainland China. It is said that the South Korean company came to mainland China several times, but all large online game operators were unwilling to represent this online game. In the end, only the small company took over the "impossible task". However, none of them would think that just a few months later, the company would write an immortal legend in the history of the online game.

      Yes, this is Shanda Network Company, as well as its- "Legend".

      The national army of the big talk of the National Army in 2002. The grand legendary chaos is called hero
      n n 2002 is the rapid development of online games, and the wind rises. During this year, the development of China's Internet can be described as "beautiful" as of December 31, 2003, the number of netizens in my country has climbed to 79.5 million, an increase of 20.4 million people within a year, which is equivalent to 55,900 new people enter the Internet every day. Space, an increase of more than 48%. The number of online computers is 30.89 million, an increase of 48%. Under this background, online games are no longer a hardware facility, the market size is troubled. The development of online games has entered the golden age ......

      2002 is a year when Korean games are red and purple. Legend has become synonymous with Korean games in 2002 and even online games.

      in February 2002, Shanda won the annual China Online Game Commercial Award for successful operations

      April 2002, the number of online people at the same time exceeded 250,000

      The August 2002 at the same time reached 510,000 at the same time and 40 million registered users.

      In 2001, the operating income of Shanda Network was 160 million yuan, soaring to 618.8 million yuan in 2002. Despite his reluctance, Chen Tianqiao was ranked 10th by Hurun in the "Rich List".

      The legend has shocked the entire 2002 China. Essence Whether it is a picture or a system, it is scoffed by many senior players. To this day, there are still people who can't understand why such a game can create such a profit? In fact, they ignore: the quality and level of online games are not only expressed from the client, but also the existence of important factors such as channels, services, and business capabilities. The success of the legend is the success of channels and operations.

      First of all, Chen Tianqiao created a grand business model, such as placing cooperation with China Telecom in an important position, successfully controlled the cost, and quickly radiated the game through the network of telecommunications. To the whole country.

      If channels, legends also use Internet cafes from various places as sales terminals at the same time, as long as the Internet cafe owner logs in on Shanda website

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