• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

    I invented a new chess and card game and wanted to register a patent. Does anyone know how to do it?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “I invented a new chess and card game and wanted to register a patent. Does anyone know how to do it?”
    1. If it is a game method, it cannot apply for patents, because it is a rule of human intellectual activity, which does not comply with the provisions of Article 25 of the Patent Law.

      , if it is a new chess and card product, you can apply for a patent to apply for the State Intellectual Property Office.

      If: If it is just a new gameplay, you cannot apply for a patent. No copyright can be registered. If it is a software, you can register for copyright. How to use it with you, you can authorize to others, or you can sell it yourself, etc.

    2. Hello, if you are just a new game, you cannot apply for a patent, but you can register for copyright. If it is a new chess card, you can apply for a patent. If you don't understand, you can hi at any time!

    3. My invention is useless.
      Today, I finished my homework, and I wanted to do it. what to do? I thought about it. At this time, I saw a lid that was brightened and useless. As soon as I moved, I thought: Why don't I use this lid to make a lighting tool? I thought about it, picked up a red lid and a brown cylinder again, and started handicraft.
      I covered the two lids on both ends of the cylinder, and then pasted the decoration, and the lighting bar was ready. If you want to use it, just turn on the lid of the cylinder and look at it in the cylinder, and the light emitted by the lid can be light up. You see, isn't it simple? I did not take the power to make it easy, and it was easy to hand in hand. "Success! Success!" I shouted. I was so happy that I looked at it and looked at it, and tried it. While admiring the "masterpiece", I thought proudly: Ha, I made a lighting tube with the useless things, and I was able to do it! If you pass it out, I can become a celebrity! The more I want to be happy, the more I dance.
      I ran to my parents excitedly and said to them ecstatically, "I have invented something!" Mom and dad opened my eyes widely, "Really?" I was mysterious. Said: "There are still fakes?" I said, taking out handicrafts from behind. Mom and Dad praised: "It's great! Great!" I was even more proud, shook my head and said to them, "Well, in order to better explain my handmade effect, I will try it in a dark place." I want to try it. "I want to try it." Try it under the curtain again. Alas, the light just now became very dark and dark. I had to try it in the bright place, and the light was bright again. How is this going? I was stupid and stood there stupidly. Then I understand that the lid itself will not glow, because the light is bright, which makes people feel that it is glowing. Suddenly, I became dead -headed, frowning, and the spirit just now disappeared. I waved his hands in a hurry, and said to the father and dad who laughed at haha, "Don't laugh for me, this time it is a mistake!"
      Well, it was such a good invention, so good handmade, but now it is useless to use it, but it is useless now. Essence Now I understand: Inventions are not casual things. It is not easy to invent. To invented good things, to understand the principles of science, we must have tenacious will and good observation, and have rich experience and experience. Knowledge. I also deeply appreciated the hardships of scientists when invented things.

    4. You are registered by computer software. The cost is about 1500 yuan.
      This copyright is faster than applying for a patent certificate. It is done in one month. The patent takes one year and it is difficult to approve. The program is complicated

    5. But he failed. And he was socked with sweat.
      I told you that you need to pay more attention to the choice platform
      The Amening Emperor is very fun,
      Fast speed and strong influence,
      The people who can basically play games are here. They are concentrated in the entertainment project
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      But when can I lose thousands or even tens of thousands of thousands of
      , do n’t rush to lose, and I ’m going to lose. Win Xun often leads to the loser. Should Forget and Smile

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