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    Play 525 chess and cards, why keep losing


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “Play 525 chess and cards, why keep losing”
    1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-11-15nPlaying 525 chess and cards, why have you been losing your dear, hello, I am very glad to answer the players of chess and cards into three categories: leisure players, gamblers, and competitive players. Due to the natural attributes of chess and cards, chess and card mobile games have become the hardest hit area for online gambling. The maturity of the payment is even more powerful, because the interests behind them are huge, so they have penetrated deeply. They have their figures on some news platforms and even short video platforms, and mobile web pages and APP malls are flooded. The propaganda is also very seductive. There is no threshold to cash out, win million cash, etc. Once you download and enter the game at the beginning, their routine starts. First, some software will report how much cash a certain player has won in real time in the hall, which makes it difficult to be exciting. 2. Some software will have the "lobby mode" and "relatives and friends play with each other". The former can enter the strange player room freely, and the latter needs to pay to invite relatives and friends to join. How many games can be played if you pay. A large part of strange players are operated by the robot. Third, once you enter the strange player's room, first of all, let you win a few games, and then lose your split at a certain time. At this time, you will always remind you to charge money. Fourth, there are two main operating modes of chess and card online gambling, one is the "room card" model, and the other is the "recharge withdrawal" model. The "room card" model is more hidden. Like physical casinos, operators provide gambling venues, charge a certain fee, and participate in the gambling persons to "team" to play chess. The other is "recharge withdrawal" chess and card gambling. Players must first recharge platforms such as gambling apps, websites, in exchange for certain bargaining, and then get benefits through platform withdrawals. No matter what, it is a gambling app profit. Fifth, some customers have a sober mind. If they win a little money, they will be withdrawn, but the gambling app will make the gambler unable to withdraw on the grounds that there are problems with software. So don't think about wool from the gambling app.

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