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    Seeking all the names of all Xinfan in October


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Seeking all the names of all Xinfan in October”
    1. 1. "Robot Notes" (game adaptation animation)

      2, "Psycho-Pass" (all mysterious original animations ...)
      3 》 (From the announcement of the production to the fourth season of the broadcast for a year ...)
      4, "Armed God Ji" (this time it is finally the TV version!)

      5 , "Speed ​​Transformer Galo Z" (Japanese car man ...)
      6, "The Second Season of the Army" (the booked October ...)
      7, "Dream Food Food Food "Season 3" (The grievances after the comic ended ...)
      8, "Girls and Charles" (girls who like tanks)
      9, "As long as you say you love me" Let me tell you?)
      10, "Even if my brother has love, it's okay, right" (the thing that is controlled by the brother -in -law ...)
      11, "The strange classmate in the neighbor" Shake S bad teenager?)
      12, "K" (seven anonymous writers cooperated with original animation)
      13, "The Storm of the Garden" (the end of the teenager and the end of the world)
      14, "From the New World "(Dowry the pseudo god!)

    2. September 9th Battle Spirits Eye Sword (Part 5 of the Soul of Fight)
      September 28 from New World
      September 30th, Scarlet Color, Season 2
      October 1 lychee ☆ The strange classmate next to the optical club is the vitality of the girl fate
      October 2 super -speed deformation Gyro Zetter User's poor life n October 3rd in the middle of the middle of the disease [all 12] Whirlwind butler! CANT TAKE My EYES OFF You Beast Campaign Monsuno Public Sea Laoshikawa University Tianshuang (TV official version)
      October 4th Silver Soul Season 3 Armed God Ji [All 13] The storm of the garden is a parasant × the honeycomb is shocked BTOOOM (BTOOM) K [All 13]
      October 5th to Love ~ darkness ~ [All 12] Even if my brother has love, there is no problem. n October 6 Little Busters! [All 26] The third season of the French sanctions dreaming person, my sister cannot be so cute in the first season [True Route] Remake [All Thirteen] As long as you say you love me Haitai seven leaves
      October 7th Ixion Saga DT female high tennis department magic flute Magi
      October 8th of Sakura Village Pet girl [All 24] Girl and Charlex Idol Activities N October 9th Military Fire Queen Perfect Order Season 2 [All 12]
      October 10 The strongest president of Black God Season 2
      October 11 Robotics (Notes) Psycho-Pass [All 22]
      October 13th of the Student Union's new work
      October justeen
      November 9th head text D Fifth stage (new version)

    3. The strange classmates in the neighboring seat

      lychee de light club

      Bao's tragic daily

      The beast spin battle Monsuno

      n Gintama
      The explosion game

      Thendo -sketch × honeycomb


      In even if my brother has love, it is okay. Dream Eaters 3

      haitai seven -leaf

      LITTLE Busters!

      icated you love me


      The tennis

      ixion saga dt

      Pet girl

      Girls and chariots


      ROBOTICS; notes

      The new animation of the student union

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