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    1. This text mainly sets out from the of game, studied present condition and existent problem of business game, and business game to the important meaning of teenager study growth from the ecational angle.Ecate the game is a kind of special of game, have it a lot of of oneself, for example, game, ecation, network etc..This text mainly studied develop of ecation game a design aspect various existent problem, and carried on from the case of game analysis, clear ecation the game obtain a key factor in the expansion the .Certainly, this text still introced an ecation aspect technique problem of the game design, and in brief introced ecation game to develop of a few simple tools.Though people have already been aware of the huge function of ecation game, at it of the still has a lot of problems which need to be notice and need to ask for help from the places of success of business game to guide the of ecation game.Currently, the of ecation game isnt extensive.This not only only is bec ause of in the process of to ecate game existence problem, still keep needing to do a lot of works in the aspects of ecating the expansion of game.Only ecate and game developer to together cooperate, the correct "joy"s and"teach" So of Balance, Ecating Game Then can have fined future.

    2. This article mainly embarked from games , has studied the games present situation and the existence question, and had from the ecation angle the game studied the important meaning which to the young people grew. The ecation game takes games one kind of special , has its own many , for instance, game, ecational, network and so on. This article has mainly studied each kind of question which the ecation games design aspect exists, and has carried on the analysis from games case, further explained the ecation game gains the victory in the promoted the key aspect. Certainly, this article also introced the ecation game designs the aspect technical question, and introced simply the ecation game develops several kind of simple tools. Although the people had already realized the ecation games role, but also has the question Which in ITS Aspect Many Needs to Pay Attention, Needs to Draw Support in the Games SUCCESSSSTRUCTS the ECation Games. At present, the ecation game is not. Thr is is not only because has the problem in the ecation games process, still needed to do many work at the ecation games promoted aspect. Only the pedagogue and the game exploiter cooperate together, will process “happy” and “will teach” balanced correctly, The ecation game can have the glorious future.

    3. This paper from the of starting the game on the of the game and the existing problems, and from the point of view to the game of young people learn the of growth. Ecational games as a game of a special form of , many have their own , for example, games, ecation, and so on. This paper on the of the ecational games designed with regard to the various problems and from the Games, the case was analyzed, and further described in the promotion of ecational games to win the key factor. Of course, the paper also introced an ecational game design technical issues, and simple games on the ecation of several simple tools. Although people have realized that ecation played a great role in its but still needs a lot of attention to the problem, need the help of the success of the game to guide the of ecational games. At present, ecation is not of the game. This is not only because the of ecation in the course of the game there are problems in ecation to promote the game in a lot of worker K Still Needs to Be Done. Only ecation and game to work to workher to properly handly handle the "music" and "ecation" of the balance, the game will have a brighfuture.

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