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    What are the mobile games for the two?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What are the mobile games for the two?”
    1. 1. Glory of the King
      The gameplay in the glory of the king is mainly competitive battle. Players perform PVP battle in various ways such as 1VS1, 3VS3, 5VS5, and can also participate in the adventure mode of the game to perform the PVE breakthrough mode. After meeting the conditions, you can participate in the game's qualifying match, etc. It is a game that is pushing the tower.
      2, Muffin Knight
      Angrymob launched a casual game launched by Angrymob in early September 2011. Players need to use up to 15 different roles to defeat the coming enemies in specific scenes and successfully collect muffins. The game uses a 2D image screen, but the character movement is composed of multiple pictures without lack of details.
      3, mini world
      "Mini World" is a highly free casual 3D sandbox game, which is operated by Shenzhen Mini Play Technology Co., Ltd. The game has a convenient and fast multiplayer online mode, as long as there is a network to play with friends from various places. The number of people is limited to a computer version of up to 40 people and a mobile version of up to 6 people.
      4, Bouncing Hall
      "Bouncing Hall" can compete against different players in the game. Simple keyboard operations, it is easier to interact and competition with players during the entire competition confrontation.
      5, "LOVERS in a Dangerous Spacetime"

      This is a happy multiplayer plane game. The game is suitable for 1-2 players. Each player cooperates with each other. Complete the shooting, defense, movement and other actions on mobile phones, drive a round giant warship, and resist the "anti -love person.

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