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    What is the way to win the real -bull?


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What is the way to win the real -bull?”
    1. As follows:
      1, when the single small cards such as 3, 4, and 5 are divided into bullfighting cows, sitting in the village must be very hard.
      In bulls, whether they are three or four play, as long as you get a single small card such as 3, 4, 5, etc., don't call it. At this time, the chance of having suffering is very high. Because the single small card is difficult to get off, it is even more difficult to handle in case of three multi -match cards.
      2, wait for good luck during back transportation, and do not connect when good luck.
      The is the three -pointer and seven -point brand. Don't be stubborn when your back luck comes. This is the fundamental to maintain your greatest interest. If you should abandon, you must abandon; it is not too late to call it when good luck comes. Bullfighting is about this technique and strategy. When there is no absolute in the world, God will not let you carry it forever, unless your own mentality is not right, and he will do against yourself from time to time.

      Zhang card. The dealer selected the most useless card from the card. At this time, the other three have the right to ask the card to be lost. The dealer's next home (player on the right) has the right to eat or touch the card, and the other two can only touch or the card. "Touch" is preferred than "eating".
      The red ten is a card game popular in Jilin area. There are red ten players as a team.
      three cards
      three cards (fried golden flowers) are a widely circulated folk game in China with unique rules of comparison. Players compare the three cards in their hands. During the game, the player's courage and wisdom need to be tested.
      In touch cars
      Is bumper cars, there are four car signs in the game, two different ways to represent eight different betting areas. Game players can choose their favorite areas to invest in the area where they like during the game.

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