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    When did Mahjong invented? Who invented it?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. When did Mahjong invented? Who invented it? There is a saying that when the eunuch of the Ming Dynasty Zheng He went to the west, because the monotonous life at sea, in order to prevent the followers on the boat, the spirit of the followers were sluggish and the stagnation became ill, Zheng He decided to invent this entertainment project to allow more people to participate in order Contact feelings. I still have the following points in this point:
      . What are the gameplay in different places?
      Mahjong is a kind of puzzle game that the general public likes to see. Everyone meets mahjong together during the New Year. There are many ways to Hu. The simplest one is that there are four groups, three same cards or three cards, and the same cards are the same as two cards. For example, three nine, three, two, and one. The 123,000 and four -five cakes are up, plus two white boards, even if it is Hu.
      . The origin of Mahjong
      In fact, the origin of Mahjong was divergent. The foundation, because the sparrow is read as Mahjong in Ningbo Ningbo, and the Mahjong was originally called a sparrow. The second is the Royal Grain in Taicang, Jiangsu. In order to accumulate rice, the number of brands made by bamboo cracked grain. The bouquet uses a thin rope to string the sparrow, so the bird's pattern is full of money, and the gun bird also considers the wind direction to hit the wind. Bai just does not hit it.
      . Cherish the family, stay away from gambling
      everyone knows that the gambling incidents in recent years have occurred. They obtain money in a way of winning mahjong. In order to gambling, many people are fragmented by a good family, and some even have foreign debts that owe the next butt because of gambling. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the size and not cross the red line.

    2. It was discovered during the Ming Dynasty, and Zheng He discovered that when he was in the west, because his life in the sea was relatively monotonous to prevent people from depression, this entertainment project was discovered.

    3. It was Zheng He. During the Ming Dynasty, he found that there was no entertainment equipment on the ship when he went to the west, and then he found that the soldiers on the boat were rolling the dice, so he launched mahjong in order to stabilize the army.

    4. According to the legend, Mahjong was invented in the Ming Dynasty. Mahjong was invented by Wan Bingyu, because he was inspired by the Water Margin 108, he invented Mahjong.

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